That’s right ladies and Gentlemen Jiugo will be available in the USA as of February 2020! As a result of a very fortunate, chance meeting we were able to connect with just the right guy, the perfect mix of jiu-jitsu, marketing and distribution. This is awesome on many levels as we have had many requests from the United States but no means to answer them, till NOW!!

Also a little secret we would love to share with you- we all know that feeling when you have good news and you just gotta share it but not sure if it will lose its magic if you let the cat outta the bag?

JiuGo will be taking a trip to the motherland May 2020- that’s right… Japan.

There are no guarantees but  there is every chance that JiuGo the Japanese edition will be available online as of June 2020.

Phew. Ok I got it off my chest but don’t go telling everybody. Next things next there will be a JiuGo Australian National championship in June 2020 with prize money and a Championship belt. Venue and exact details will be released  closer to the date. So much going down in the new year but I just wanted to take a minute to thank everyone who has made the launch of the New CoreDeck so successful to all the gyms who got on board to become Official Retailers we love you support and appreciate you leading the new wave. Also every individual who came up to our stand, talked with us, plyed, learned and gave us such great feed back. You make the game what it is so thankyou and we promise not to disappoint. Now to leave you on a teaser note, this is only the beginning…

JiuGo Core Deck is representative of a bjj white belt- Expansions are coming.

Lastl but not least –JiuGo The Comic (Issue 1) Dropping early next year so stay tuned my friends its all up from here.

That’s how we roll,


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